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Derek Lakin

APP: Markdown Notepad

Now available in the Store for Windows Phone 8 apps, my latest app is a simple notepad app that uses the Markdown format. Ingeniously called Markdown Notepad, this app builds on the Markdown features that were built into Visual Diary and extends it with note backup to the cloud. After a few false starts trying to use SkyDrive (a service which I love!) for the cloud backup feature I found that the SDK didn’t ...

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Derek Lakin

AdException using Microsoft Advertising SDK

When you’re developing Windows Phone apps using the Microsoft Advertising SDK, you may not see any ads when you were expecting to. This is likely to be accompanied by the following message in the Output window in Visual Studio: An exception of type 'Microsoft.Advertising.Shared.AdException' occurred in Microsoft.Advertising.Mobile.DLL and wasn't handled before a managed/native boundary. There’s a couple of things to check here: Make sure you have ...

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Derek Lakin

From Windows Phone to Xbox One

The last time I wrote about New Challenges I’d been at Pixel Lab for 15 months. Well, it seems that 15 months is my new standard job duration because 15 months after starting at Microsoft working on Skype for Windows Phone, I’ve moved on again. During my time on the Skype for Windows Phone I’ve worked on the initial release for Windows Phone 8 including background chat and calling and the numerous ...

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Derek Lakin

Detecting Zune Connection for PhotoChooserTask

When you’re using the PhotoChooserTask to get the user to select or take a photo you may have experienced the problem when the user is connected to Zune because this prevents them from accessing their media library. Unfortunately, from a development point of view, the Complete event that fires simply provides Cancel as the Result, which is the same result for when the user simply presses the back button. I’ve seen a few ...

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Derek Lakin

New Challenges

I’ve been working for Pixel Lab for the last 15 months as a full-time employee and a while before that as a contractor and it’s been an absolutely crazy and amazing time. I’ve worked on some great projects including the Halo Silverlight website back when Halo: Reach was released (not the current one), the Silverlight JetPack theme, and the Windows Phone 7 templates for SketchFlow. I started working on Windows Phone projects ...

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