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Derek Lakin

Entypo: An OpenType Pictogram Font

I blogged a while back about using the new Segoe UI Symbol font to create high quality scalable application bar icons. Well, to add to that, Entypo is an OpenType font containing over 100 handcrafted pictograms that will work well for the same thing. An EPS vector file is also available in case you want to convert them to a different format for use as Windows Phone application bar button icons (for example). It’s ...

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Derek Lakin

Getting Started with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

There are plenty of posts around on how to actually install the Windows 8 consumer Preview, so I’m not going to both covering that right now, but there were a couple of really useful resources that I wanted to highlight. First up is some great design resources for designing the user experience for Metro style apps: http://design.windows.com. This includes: Guidance on how to implement common design patterns in Metro style apps ...

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Derek Lakin

Windows Phone Development on Windows 8

UPDATE: You can now run the Windows Phone emulator on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview using the latest 7.1.1 SDK. As mentioned in the announcement, it’s not officially supported until the Windows RTM and performance is likely to be degraded if Hyper-V is enabled. If you’re a keen early adopter and have already tried out the Windows 8 Developer Preview, then you may have also tried to do some Windows Phone ...

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Derek Lakin

SLUGUK Build Round-up

I was lucky enough to present at the Silverlight User Group hosted by EMC Consulting in London tonight. Thank you very much for the opportunity, especially to Mark Mann for inviting me; I had a great time, met some great people and I hope they enjoyed it, too. I’ve uploaded my slide deck to SlideShare in case there was anything you missed. There was a lot more content at BUILD than I had time ...

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