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Derek Lakin

Debugging Deep Links in Windows Phone

If your app creates pinned tiles that provide deep links[1] into your application, then you will most likely want to debug how your app handles those deep links (if you don’t, then you should!). So, here’s how. Open WMAppManifest.xml. Locate the <DefaultTask .. /> element. Change the NavigationPage attribute to the relative URL of your deep-linked page. This is exactly the same as the navigationUri value that you pass to the ...

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Derek Lakin

Don’t Forget!

Parking Tickets The current approach for reminders works on the assumption that you are using a “pay-and-display”-style car park where you pay in advance to park for a certain amount of time. Another option would be to track how long you’ve been parked and calculate what your current parking fee is for the shopping centre-style parking where you pay on exit. If you’re interested in this second model then it would be ...

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