Derek Lakin

Spore Creature Creator

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of Spore for so long I can’t remember how long I’ve been waiting for it! However, as a juicy teaser in advance of the release of Spore (still some 80 days away) they’ve released the Spore Creature Creator to whet our appetites.

The [Spore Creature Creator]( enables you to create all manner of creatures, which you can then share and eventually use in the final game. You can also use creatures added to the community in the final game. The [Spore Creature Creator]( comes in two different flavours, the full version, which costs £4.99 here in the UK ($9.95 in the USA, €9.99 in Europe) and the free trial version, which only includes 25% of the body parts of the full version. If you purchase the full version, [EA]( will provide you with a coupon to the same value for you to redeem against the full game when it is released. From what I can gather, this will only be valid if you purchase it from the [EA]( web site. In the space of literally a few minutes I managed to put together 3 very different creatures: [![Snoutasaurus](]( "Snoutasaurus") [![The Flying BeerGut](]( "The Flying BeerGut") [![Sluganaught](]( "Sluganaught") Oh yeah, one more thing: kudos to [EA]( for providing sensible pricing for the full version. The price is roughly the same across the board, which **really** makes a change here in the UK where we’re used to having to pay almost double for most things compared to the US!
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