Derek Lakin

Silverlight Support in Kaxaml (Beta)

Kaxaml has long been one of the tools that I use when I’m developing WPF applications (spot the future post!). It’s great for isolating some XAML and tweaking styles and templates and getting instant feedback on the changes and it’s great for just trying out XAML snippets. Well, it just got a bit better, because Robby has just released a new beta version with support for Silverlight!

Robby’s still having trouble trying to get a schema file for Silverlight 2 to enable Silverlight IntelliSense in Kaxaml, so if you have any ideas, let him know. Ideally, you’d use xsd.exe to generate the schema from the Silverlight assemblies, but the relevant classes aren’t xsd.exe friendly (they don’t have an empty constructor for starters), so I think the next best thing is to manually reflect over the assemblies and I think the best way to do that is probably as an add-in for Reflector because I’m sure someone would find it useful to be able to generate an XSD from any assembly. To be honest, I’m quite surprised there isn’t one already. If I had the time, I’d be writing one myself.

Get it here!* Unfortunately, that’s the only change and it’s pretty beta, but really cool! It’s a real Silverlight surface too. There are some issues (thus the beta). I still haven’t, for example, worked out an up-to-date Silverlight schema file and there are some issues getting images to load. If you have ideas, definitely let me know.*

Once you install the beta, you’ll need to open a Silverlight tab to get Silverlight working. Do that with the shortcut key Ctrl+L or choose "New Silverlight Tab" from the File menu.