Derek Lakin

New Year, New Start

Today is the first day of Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference (PDC), which is being hosted on Microsoft’s Campus in Seattle right now as I type. I’m really excited to be here at such an exciting time for Microsoft development, even more so having just been told by Steve Balmer that we’ll all be getting our very own Windows Phone 7 device and free registration in the Windows Phone 7 Application Marketplace!

However, that’s not the reason of this post (though bragging was definitely a motivation). The other reason that I’m excited today was announced in a tweet from Robby Ingebretsen that no doubt got lost in amongst all the PDC tweets. He and I are really pleased to announce that at the start of 2011 I will be an employee of Pixel Lab.

This is a fantastic opportunity for me and I’m really pleased to be able turn what has already been a successful contract relationship into a permanent fixture. Robby, Kevin Moore, and Adam Kinney have been working on some great projects and I’ve worked on a few recently including Windows Phone 7 applications, Silverlight projects such as the JetPack theme and the HALO web site, and much more. 2011 is going to be a great year and I can’t for it to get here!