Derek Lakin

Installing Office 2010 Beta – Part 2

After eventually managing to get Office 2010 Beta to install as described in my previous post, I then had problems with the actual applications themselves such that every time I tried to run one of the applications it would go through a lengthy configuration process, so I posted some feedback on the Microsoft Connect site and have been dealing with Sean Francis at Microsoft since to try and resolve my problems.

Uninstalling Office

One thing that I have learnt along the way is that my previous suggestion of using the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility is a bit outdated. Office 2007 and above no longer uses a single MSI for the installation, instead they use multiple MSIs and in actual fact, the Installer CleanUp Utility doesn’t delete any files, it just removes registry entries.

I don’t know if there’s an officially supported approach to cleaning up previous versions of Office, but Sean was good enough to attach a couple of VB scripts to the feedback item on Microsoft Connect. One of them is for cleaning Office 2007 and the other is for cleaning Office 2010 (scroll down to just above the comments to find the attached files).

Run the relevant script from a command prompt (if you have UAC enabled, make sure you open the command prompt as Administrator) and replace the text in the prompt with “ALL, OSE” (without the quotes) and then let it do it’s funky thing.

Installing Again

After successfully uninstalling Office 2007, then Office 2010, I was ready to install Office 2010 Beta again, but unfortunately my problems didn’t end here :(

Office 2010 Installation FailureMy problem now was all down to registry permissions. For some bizarre reason, there were a number of registry keys that the Office installation was trying to access that simply didn’t have any permissions, hence the problem as shown in this image.

After a lot more to-ing and fro-ing with Sean, I ended up having to manually take ownership of the parent key, then add my user account with Full Control to the parent key and it’s sub-keys and then deleting the key.

(NOTE: Sean managed to work out that the key in question was: HKEYLOCALMACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInstallerUserDataS-1-5-18Components, in case you’re interested.)

After six attempts at doing this with a different problem key every time, I decided to try something slightly different; I took ownership of the Components key one level up and then added my user account with Full Control to that key and all sub-keys. Although RegEdit said that it didn’t manage it on all sub-keys, I carried on any way and thankfully the install completed successfully this time and thankfully, there were no more post-install configuration problems either!


To install Office 2010 Beta in the first place, you need to make sure you’ve purged Office 2007 and Office 2010 CTP from your system, which you should do using the scripts attached to my feedback on the Microsoft Connect site.

If your install fails because of registry permissions as described above, take ownership of the Components key, add your user account with Full Control to it and all sub-leys, then retry the installation.

Once you’ve done either or both of the above, you should be good to go.