Derek Lakin

'Be All You Can Be' Runner Up

Back in April I entered the ‘Be all you can be’ MIX:UK competition and blogged about my entry. I just received an email from Microsoft to tell me I didn’t win, but I was one of the runners up:

Hi Derek,

We are pleased to inform you that although you did not win, you are a runner up in our ‘Be all you can be’ Microsoft competition.

We are delighted to ‘virtually’ present to you a prize to ‘Escape studios advanced CGI course’ on a date of your choice!

So, I get to spend a day on an advanced CGI course at Escape Studios in London!

Repeated from my original post, there’s a slideshow of some screen shots (still on Spaces for now), you can try out the application on the Silverlight Streaming Service, and you can download the source code from SkyDrive: