Derek Lakin

BETA: Piccolo

I’m about to start the beta for a new Windows Phone app that I’ve been working on. This is a first for me, I usually go straight to market, but this time I want to get feedback before I go live to ensure I hit the market with as good a product as possible. UPDATE: The beta is now available at What is Piccolo? I don’t know ...

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Derek Lakin

Disabling Touch on a WebBrowser control

If you’re presenting content to the user with a WebBrowser control, but it’s not meant to be interacted with, then you will probably want to disable touch input to prevent the user from scrolling or zooming. Although setting IsEnabled or IsHitTestVisible to False can give you want you want, it’s also likely to mess with the appearance (a grey overlay). So, to work round this, use CSS in the source HTML like ...

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Derek Lakin

APP: Markdown Notepad

Now available in the Store for Windows Phone 8 apps, my latest app is a simple notepad app that uses the Markdown format. Ingeniously called Markdown Notepad, this app builds on the Markdown features that were built into Visual Diary and extends it with note backup to the cloud. After a few false starts trying to use SkyDrive (a service which I love!) for the cloud backup feature I found that the SDK didn’t ...

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Derek Lakin

Skype for Xbox One

Today sees the launch of the Xbox One around the world, which is another great landmark in my career. There’s plenty written about the road from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and there are plenty of reviews for you to read (my favourite is the Polygon review, which looks amazing in addition to being balanced, honest, and accurate), so I won’t jabber on about it for long. However, Xbox One brings to the ...

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Derek Lakin

AdException using Microsoft Advertising SDK

When you’re developing Windows Phone apps using the Microsoft Advertising SDK, you may not see any ads when you were expecting to. This is likely to be accompanied by the following message in the Output window in Visual Studio: An exception of type 'Microsoft.Advertising.Shared.AdException' occurred in Microsoft.Advertising.Mobile.DLL and wasn't handled before a managed/native boundary. There’s a couple of things to check here: Make sure you have ...

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