Derek Lakin

APP: Medicine Manager

My latest app, Medicine Manager, hit the Marketplace a few weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to blog about it, but with work commitments, it’s been really hard. Suffice to say that a blog post is coming.

In the mean time, the guys over at WP7 Lab have been good enough to review the app and they were really positive, so thanks very much. You can read their full review here:, but here’s some extracts to whet your whistle:

“Packing a variety of features such as a reminder alarm or descriptions for each medicine on your prescription, it’s safe to say that Medicine Manager will be like a full-time nurse babysitting you to health.”

“It’s refreshing to see that the Windows Phone Marketplace also features some apps that can be used not for entertainment, but for healthcare.”

You can find full feature details and screenshots on the app site:

Download for Windows Phone

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