Derek Lakin

A New Home

After a couple of weeks of trying to use Windows Live Spaces, I’ve finally decided to defect. Whilst Spaces is feature rich and is supported well by Windows Live Writer, there are a couple of key areas that just bug me too much:

  1. The statistics tracking is quite poor, providing a page view total for all time, today, this week, and within the last hour. The only "full statistics" you get are for the current day. Which leads to:
  2. There’s no alternative to the built-in statistics. You can’t insert JavaScript, so you can’t even use Microsoft AdCenter Analytics to track usage.
  3. The IFRAME support only supports a hard-coded (and not publicised) list of domains, which doesn’t seem to include SkyDrive or the Microsoft Silverlight Streaming Service, so I can’t insert Silverlight applications and I can’t embed SkyDrive files in a post. I know there’s a SkyDrive module, but you can’t use that in an individual post and you can’t specify individual files, either.
  4. There’s no email notification for comments.

My initial reaction had been to switch to WordPress, which served me well in the past when I had my own server, however, suffers from 2 and 3 above (although their built-in statistics are powered by Google Analytics anyway).

On the recommendation of Paul (again), I’m now using Blogger, so you can now find this blog at If you are subscribed to the feed through FeedBurner, then you don’t need to do anything, the old content has already been moved across and FeedBurner has been updated.

Sorry for the hiccup; normal service will be resumed shortly :)